The Bingham

Tucked away beside the river in Richmond-upon-Thames, the Bingham is one of London’s most unusual boutique hotels, or ‘restaurant with rooms’. The Bingham’s restaurant run by Head Chef Mark Jervis creates natural, modern British cuisine using the finest, locally sourced seasonal, sustainable ingredients. Already focused on keeping plate waste to an absolute minimum, the team used FoodSave to focus attention on where waste reduction could be made in the kitchen and managed to identify over £7500 of savings.

The FoodSave team monitored kitchen waste using the Winnow’s Waste Monitor System for four weeks. During the audit all food waste was measured including inventory spoilage, preparation waste, and plate waste. The system required minimal time and caused no disruption to service. The FoodSave team met with The Bingham weekly to review the results and identify actions for waste reduction. The heightened staff awareness of food waste meant that everyone got involved in identifying opportunities for waste reduction.

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