Meet some of the businesses we’ve already helped

Kappacasein Dairy is a small artisan cheesemaker in Bermondsey, producing various types of cheese using unpasteurised cow’s milk from the Commonwork Organic Farms in Kent. The 1000 litres of whey the dairy also produces each week was previously being used for energy generation, but owner and chief cheesemaker Bill Oglethorpe was keen to send it to feed pigs instead.

Clean Bean is a manufacturer of organic tofu just off Brick Lane. Before Clean Bean became involved with FoodSave, its soy pulp or okara (a by-product of tofu production) was previously being sent to landfi ll – apart from a brief period in 2013 when it was used to feed pigs at Stepney City Farm, as part of The Pig Idea campaign.

Moshi Moshi

Located within Liverpool Street Station, Moshi Moshi sushi restaurant is no stranger to sustainability. It was the first restaurant in the UK to take bluefin tuna off its menus in 1998 and was one of the first five to attain Marine Stewardship Accreditation. FoodSave was a great opportunity to boost Moshi Moshi’s already impressive sustainability credentials. They were able to save 1.2 tonnes, £14,837, in annual food waste thanks to FoodSave.

The FoodSave team monitored kitchen waste using the Winnow Waste Monitor System for four weeks. During the audit all food waste was measured including inventory spoilage, preparation waste, and plate waste. The system required minimal time and caused no disruption to service. There were opportunities for all staff to get involved; monitoring and recording what is left at the end of the day and noting the top three items staff take home to identify the highest waste items in ‘prepared not served’. Plate waste and prepared not served waste were identified as the biggest source of costs, accounting for over 75% of food waste. Thanks to FoodSave, £209 was saved in food waste costs per week over the course of the project. An annual reduction of 858kg of food waste weight was calculated, achieving a cover-adjusted weight of 1.2 tonnes being diverted from landfill. Identifying where food waste was coming from helped to pin point how to tackle it.