Welcome to the FoodSave Resource Library.

FoodSave follows the principles of the Food Waste Pyramid. Firstly, we want to promote waste avoidance by helping businesses reduce their food waste and put surplus food to good use. Secondly, we provide advice and support on waste management, which includes disposing of unavoidable food waste more responsibly through processes such as composting or anaerobic digestion.

The aim of our Resource Library is to provide businesses with a quick reference source of information about how to avoid and manage food waste. We’ve combined all the good insights we’ve collected on the FoodSave project along with useful tips and information from other organisations.

  • DIY waste audit
    The first step to reduce food waste is to measure it. Our DIY food waste audit provides a simple step-by-step guide to measuring your food waste streams, so you can find out where food waste is coming from and put actions in place to reduce it.
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  • Food waste reduction top tips
    We’ve collected together all the insights and information from completed FoodSave waste audits to help you plan and take action to reduce food waste.
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  • Food waste info sources
    We’ve created a reference guide of other useful information from outside FoodSave which is available to businesses to help better manage food waste in the food and hospitality service sector.
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  • Food waste management
    We have put together a reference guide to food waste recycling in London. It offers practical advice on what questions you should be asking about food waste recycling services and a list of companies which offer food recycling services.
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